Dental Implants - Commack, NY

Our Step-By-Step Dental Implant Process

Model drawing of All On Four dental implants and components

We Know You Are Curious…

With dental implants becoming the most ideal option when replacing missing or failing teeth, many patients wonder what to expect with the procedure. The dental implant process is an in-office surgery that should not be trusted to just anyone. At National Dental, our dentists and specialists are trained and experienced in dental implant surgery and have years of proven results to back them up. Our offices feature some of the latest in dental technology like cone beam CT scanners, guided implant surgery and IV sedation to ensure that our patients can expect the most optimal results. At National Dental’s Commack office, our goal is to be as transparent and open in our communication with patients, especially when it comes to what to expect with dental implants in Commack, NY.

Free Initial Consultation

The first step towards replacing teeth with dental implants is to schedule your free initial consultation with our team. During this consultation, we will examine your mouth and oral health, discuss your smile goals and give you an overall summary of your needs. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered and many times we are able to give you an estimated cost of your dental implants.

The Planning Phase

Once you have made the decision to accept your treatment plan, we will begin the planning phase of rebuilding your smile. By taking 3D digital images of your mouth with our cone beam CT scanner, we will better understand the precise location to place your implants. If you are found to be lacking bone volume, we will perform bone grafting treatment to restore the area to support implants. Using the images captured from the cone beam, we create a customized dental implant guide which directs our doctors into the exact position to place your dental implants, essentially removing any guesswork from the procedure.

Your Dental Implant Surgery

During your surgery, our focus is always on accurate treatment and patient comfort. For almost all dental implant cases, patients are sedated to some degree. We offer our patients advanced IV sedation administered by certified doctors for the ultimate in anxiety- and pain-free dentistry. When placing your dental implants, we utilize guided implant surgery to help accurately place the implants into your jaw for optimal balance, healing and results.

Restoring Dental Implants

Patients who are receiving individual dental implants or smaller bridges will need to have their implants restored with life-like dental crowns. Your crowns will be customized to match your smile specifically and blend in with surrounding teeth. You will be able to bite and chew like normal and most other people will never be able to tell you were ever missing a tooth to begin with.

The Healing Process

A common question for many patients is what to expect with the healing process for dental implants. Luckily, the healing process is not difficult for most patients. You may be prescribed pain management medication after surgery, but within a few days most patients feel back to normal and have minimal swelling. We recommend eating soft foods, avoiding extreme temperatures in drinks and to not use a straw or smoke for several days. When caring for your dental implants after surgery, all you need to do is treat them like your natural teeth—brushing twice a day, flossing, and visiting National Dental for routine checkups and cleanings.

Ready to Get Started on Your Dental Implant Journey?

If you are interested in replacing missing teeth with dental implants, schedule a free consultation with our team by contacting us online or calling our Commack office at (631) 816-2277.